Custom Sleep Training by Age


custom infant sleep training program

Every parent dreams of the day that their newborn will be sleeping through the night. Believe it or not with a little help from an infant sleep training expert, that dream can be a reality.

When you purchase a custom sleep training consult you will be asked to provide a detailed 24 hour schedule of your babies feeding and sleeping schedule. I will analyze what your baby is currently doing and create a step-by-step plan that you can easily follow. When you have received your custom sleep plan we

will have a comprehensive phone consult to be sure that you understand all aspects of the sleep training program. I will be available by phone, text or email to answer questions, provide moral support and help you stay on the right track.

In order to have success with sleep training, it is important to start the plan when you will be able to be home with baby for the first week. Following the nap and night-time sleep schedule as closely as possible is extremely important while sleep training your little one.

I have over 27 years of experience sleep training babies. It gives me great joy to be able to help exhausted families get the sleep they need. I have successfully helped families in other states sleep train their baby in less than two weeks using just the custom sleep plan, phone and internet support. If you live in the San Antonio, Tx area you can choose a more hands on level of support which would include an in-home consult and/or night care with a trained infant sleep specialist. We are happy to customize your sleep plan to provide the level of support needed in your unique situation.

Please feel free to contact me @ 210 825-4124 to discuss your unique sleep training needs.

Package #1: Custom Sleep Training Consult, Written Sleep Plan,
Two Hours Phone, Text & Email Support
$150 Single Baby, $250 Twins, $350 Triplets

Package #2: Custom Sleep Training Consult, Written Sleep Plan
Three Weeks Unlimited Phone, Text & Email Support
$250 Single Baby, $350 Twins, $450 Triplets

Custom Package Add-Ons:
Can be added if you have purchased one of the above packages and you live in San Antonio, New Braunfels area

In-Home Consult: This is a two hour consult done in your home $50 for 2 hours, $20 for each additional hour
Night Care w Sleep Training Specialist: $25 per hour
Additional Phone Support for Package #1: $20 per hour, minimum 1 hour Can be added to distance or local packages.


If you are a new mom and needing advice on sleep training your babies – I highly recommend doula Carol Marley – she is personable and has expertise on how to help YOU and your babies get sleep.
Here is my story:
I had 5 month old twins waking 2-3x/night each – so I was waking up every hour some nights. I was feeding them breastmilk so had tried giving them formula and rice cereal to help them sleep better but it wasn’t working. I was waiting for the miraculous night that they’d start sleeping but as I was waiting for that night, I was becoming so sleep deprived I was irritable with my husband and family and felt exhausted at work every day. I finally broke down and called Carol for help. She helped me realize their daytime routine was impairing their nighttime sleep. She came to my home and gave me a personalized feeding, napping and sleep training plan. As I had questions along the way, she was available via texting and offered great support daily for the weeks it took to train. It was hard at times to stick to “the plan” but she held me accountable and encouraged me to stick with it along the way – reminding me that it would get better. one month later, babies were sleeping from midnight to 7am and so was I! I became nicer to my family and husband and my mind was more clear and focused at work! It was worth fighting for my sleep and the babies sleep! The investment in Carol and her service was worth more than I could pay her!

Dr. Michelle T

Thank you Carol for helping us with Norah! She has gone from sleeping in our room and being entirely dependent on a pacifier and Mommy to go to sleep, to now sleeping in her own room and falling asleep within minutes on her own. It is so cute now to listen to her talk herself to sleep even after she loses her “binky”. She sleeps sound every night 11-12 hours as do we and now naps during the day successfully. The quality of sleep has not only improved my overall mood each day but she has gone from a pretty happy baby to a very well rested and happy baby! The guidance you gave us on sleep and feeding really has changed our life. I was amazed that you could help us with this even though we live in another state. I will be forever grateful that we found you! Nikki H.

For the first 9 months of Sofia’s life, I swaddled tightly, rocked, bounced or walked up and down the hallway to put her to sleep. As a first time mom, I enjoyed holding her in my arms so much that I rarely placed her in the crib awake despite doctor’s advice. Since I breastfeed exclusively, I would justify her waking up every 3-4 hrs at night to nurse since mother’s milk digests more quickly than formula yet I understood the importance of Sofia being well rested for her development (cognitive and physical) but I was unsure when to start sleep training.

At 9 months I was ready and asked Carol for a consultation. She was a huge support and her confidence in the success of sleep training motivated me to commit. It only took Sofia 1-2 days to catch on. I was a huge skeptic but I am amazed how she just watches me turn the sound machine on and then rolls over and goes to sleep. We are delighted that Sofia learned to self soothe and can now go back to sleep on her own. It wasn’t easy but it works. Whenever I had questions, Carol was quick to respond to my emails and texts. I will always be thankful for her help!