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Newborn Night Care

One of the life-saving services we offer is newborn night care. I say life-saving because sleep deprivation is one of the major contributing factors to postpartum depression and low breast milk production. Many families may be dealing with special circumstances such as multiples, a premature baby or a baby that is suffering with severe colic. These special circumstances can be very hard on new parents. Having an experienced, trusted, night nanny can help significantly reduce the stress and allow you to provide a higher quality of care to your baby during the day. Sometimes just getting a solid block of sleep can help a new mom think more clearly and enjoy her new baby.

Having ten years experienced as a postpartum doula and newborn night nanny, I am happy to care for your precious baby while you get some much needed sleep. I will take care of feeding, changing, burping and getting your little one back to sleep. When you awake in the morning you will have a written log of every detail of the night. As your newborn night nanny I will encourage healthy sleep habits for your baby. This will make it much easier for you to help your little one sleep through the night when they are ready. Whether you just need a few nights sleep to recover from your birth or weeks of night care, I can provide the support you need as my schedule allows.

I will be happy to come for a free interview to discuss a night care plan that is tailored to meet the needs of your family prior to your first night of care.  I recommend you contact me as soon as you know you will be wanting my service. Some families book care before the baby is born. This gives new parents peace of mind that care will be available in the first few weeks home with baby. I can only provide night care to one family per month and it is offered on a first come first served basis as my schedule permits.

Due to the high demand for newborn night care I can only guarantee care that has been pre-paid. I am happy to work with your family and friends that would like to contribute to the cost of night care for your little one. Giving your baby a well-rested mommy is a smart and invaluable decision.

Cost of Newborn Night Care: $24 per hour singles, $28 per hour twins
Must be a minimum of 8 hours per night of care. I require all night care to be pre-paid two weeks in advance.

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Carol and her team were truly a blessing to our newly formed family. Being first time parents, we weren’t quite sure what to expect once all the family members left and we were left alone with our new bundle of joy. We both had full-time professional careers and knew before long, we would have to return to work. We wanted to establish as many “good habits” as possible and in the most effective manner. After several days and long nights of doing everything we thought was right, we decided to reach out to Carol for some professional help and guidance. After listening to our concerns, current practices and needs, Carol and her team helped us with the placement of a night nanny (Kristie) in our home. This was quite possibly the best parenting decision we have made.

Over the next few weeks, Kristie helped us to establish a great routine and provided us countless tips and ideas on how to develop good sleep habits and other routines for our son. In no time at all and with very few set-backs, we were all getting a full night’s sleep. Kristie went so far above and beyond her responsibilities and provided such a loving and caring environment for our son, in our own home. We felt so secure and comfortable with Kristie aiding us. She was always on-time, professional and understanding of our never ending questions. Her presence and assistance allowed to enjoy this precious time with our son while helping us through the challenging times as well.

Thank you Kristie and Carol for all your help!!!

Jeremy, Emily and Rhett


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My husband and I both have demanding and stressful jobs. With my second son I knew that I would need help at night to be able to function when I had to go back to work. Carol and Kristie provided wonderful care for my baby boy. They came to our house 5 nights a week until my son was sleeping through the night on his own. This was such a tremendous help for our family. This experience with my second baby was so much more peaceful and enjoyable with the help of these awesome ladies. Thank you so much!                                                    Betyna C.

My stepdaughter had a stroke during the birth of her third child which left her hospitalized for many months. Carol and her team of night nannies came to our rescue. Never having had children of my own, I had no idea how to care for a newborn. The night nannies provided quality care for the baby allowing grandma to get a good nights sleep so I could be on duty and functional during the day. We will never forget the caring and love we received from Carol and her staff.                                                                                                                          Jane C.