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Breastfeeding success is determined by many different factors. Too often a breastfeeding consultation only looks at one piece of the puzzle such as baby’s latch or how much milk is transferred during a feeding. Many mom’s get home from a consult and still feel frustrated.

It is very important to take a comprehensive look at all aspects of the breastfeeding puzzle including baby’s weight, latch, tongue position, strength of suck, supply, mom’s diet, liquid intake, exhaustion level, frequency of nursing and effective request for supply and demand of breast milk.

As a mom, I have breast fed my own four children and helped countless other new moms have a successful breastfeeding experience. As a breastfeeding counselor, I am able to come to your home and spend time helping you and your baby learn how to overcome breastfeeding difficulties. I will look at every part of your breastfeeding situation and provide you with a comprehensive step-by-step plan. Your consult includes phone, text and email support for two weeks after my initial visit.

Many moms find that is much more comfortable to stay in their own home and have someone take a few hours to teach them breastfeeding techniques. Having a written plan of action and ongoing support can make all the difference in your experience breastfeeding your new baby.

Initial Consultation: $150 includes written plan of action and phone support
Return Visit: $50 (2 hrs)


When I called Carol I had all but given up on breastfeeding my twins, even though this was something I really wanted to experience. She came to my home, evaluated my whole situation (eating, drinking, stress, sleeping, pumping) and developed an individual plan to get me back on track then provided continued follow up and support. Within two weeks I was pumping enough to cover half the feedings, and the babies were actually latching and feeding. I am certain this would not be possible without the interventions of Carol, who took the time to consider the total picture and develop a plan that worked. Highly recommended! Rebecca T.


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As a mid-30s, dedicated career women, my expectations of motherhood were similar to the way I worked – “Plan your work and work your plan!” Boy, was I wrong!!! After a planned natural birth, I ended up with a C-section and when I thought breastfeeding would “just come natural,” my baby was bottle fed the first 3 days of her life. On top of that, my mother had two family emergencies and could not be with me as planned the first 2 weeks to help with all the new mommy things. After a few weeks of frustration, I remembered that the hospital lactation consultant recommended a postpardum doula to help me with caring for my new baby and continued help with breastfeeding. That’s where Carol came to the rescue! Carol introduced me to one of her doulas, Lynn, who was absolutely wonderful to us and provided the extra loving hands that every new mother needs. Lynn was a lifesaver helping me bridge from maternity leave back to full time work. In addition to the extra help with caring for the baby, Carol’s lactation expertise really got Addison and I back on track after a very rough start. Carol came to the house, observed Addison and I, then gave detailed advice ranging from hold positions, feeding time needed, how to build my milk supply and preparing to pump at work. She was always available when I had additional questions or concerns and truly cared about building my confidence as a new mother. I really believe that Carol’s services have made my transition from workaholic to working mother a success! Thank you! Stephanie S.


Carol is an excellent doula. She helped me through a very difficult breastfeeding adjustment period with my first baby. She was completely professional, compassionate, and offered much-needed support, expertise and knowledge.
I can’t say enough positive things about my experience with Carol, and wholeheartedly endorse her. It goes without saying we will be utilizing her doula services with our next child! Sarah B.

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