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After Baby Care

Postpartum Care:

Postpartum care is provided after the birth of your baby. The postpartum period is considered the first six weeks after birth. This is an important time for mom and baby to recover from birth and develop a good feeding and sleeping schedule for baby. Studies have shown that when mom has a doula or newborn care specialist to mentor her during her postpartum recovery, she is significantly less likely to suffer from postpartum depression. Another amazing benefit of postpartum care is a higher success rate of breastfeeding. As your new mommy mentor I will provide non-judgmental support, expert information, community resources and practical hands on care.

You can customize your postpartum care to best suit the needs of your family. Here are some of the services that can be included in your postpartum care.

  • Newborn care, including sleeping and feeding recommendations and swaddling techniques
  • Care for mom, including preparing meals, help with breastfeeding and sleep strategies
  • Laundry, grocery shopping, light housekeeping
  • Prepare meals for family
  • Run errands
  • Go with mom and baby to doctors appointments
  • Community resources and information on breastfeeding, sleep training, postpartum depression, new mom support groups, product recommendations
  • Nursery set-up and organization

I am happy to come for a free in-home interview to get acquainted and answer any questions you might have. Postpartum care has a minimum of 4 hours per day. To reserve space on my care schedule you must pre-pay first week of care.

$20 per hour

If you would like to schedule a free in-home meeting to discuss postpartum care for your new baby please don’t hesitate to contact me at 210 825-4124


Carol is a lifesaver. I am a first time mom, with no support system close by. Carol came two days after our daughter was born 5 weeks early and helped me put the needed ounces on her to keep her out of the hospital. She gave me great advice on breastfeeding, and when we found out our daughter had reflux, she helped us deal with it. She taught me to be a better mom. A few months later we hired Carol again to help with sleep training our 5 month old. Had we stuck with the plan she originally gave us, we wouldn’t have needed it, however we slipped up, and eventually the baby was up every 3 hours. Once Carol came back, she had the baby sleeping through the night after 3 days. She is caring, nurturing and you can tell how much she loves our daughter. She is the baby whisperer.
Dana R.


We can never thank Carol enough for the support and knowledge she provided us as new parents. From the last month of pregnancy until the day we brought our daughter home, Carol was there for our family. She educated us on the importance of a schedule, she helped us establish a nap and bedtime routine, she answered our numerous questions about breastfeeding, and most importantly she helped us care for our daughter. When our daughter was born, she was smaller than expected which caused issues with breastfeeding. With Carol’s knowledge and support, she helped us to overcome the issues. Several weeks later, she helped us identify that our daughter had acid reflux. Once diagnosed, Carol gave us additional support in raising a child with acid reflux. Her tips and tricks helped our daughter quickly establish a healthy sleeping habits and helped us better understand her needs as a baby. Based on our experience, we have recommend Carol to several friends and we use her again for our next bundle of joy!

Ben, Gwynn, Riley


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Carol is an excellent doula, she brings a tremendous amount of caring and compassion to her work and her clients benefit greatly. She was a wonderful asset at the birth of my second daughter, helped me with breastfeeding and truly was a mommy mentor. Highly recommend her! Kate R.

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