Reflux Strategies


As a newborn care specialist, I have seen the rate of babies who are suffering with some degree of infant reflux skyrocket in the last ten years. Many first time parents do not recognize the signs of reflux or know how to make baby more comfortable when they are struggling with acid reflux. Newborn babies should be sleeping an average of 18 -20 hours in every 24 hour period. If your baby does not sleep soundly or has trouble sleeping for more that 30 minute stretches this can be a sign of acid reflux.

Reflux symptoms usually do not show up until 2-6 wks of age in a full-term baby. Premature babies almost always have some degree of reflux and it will manifest earlier. The key to avoiding long term damage to baby’s esophagus and feeding aversion is to recognize and treat the symptoms early.

Symptoms include;

  • Waking from a sound sleep crying
  • Crying and extreme fussiness
  • A gulping/swallowing and crying action, similar to a fish out of water
  • Grunting and coughing, especially when sleeping
  • Arching their back, especially during or right after a feeding
  • Extreme hiccups, after every feeding or more than 3x per day

Reflux babies are usually very noisy sleepers and only sleep soundly for short periods of time.

In this class I will provide you with extensive information about infant reflux including

  • Medication options
  • Feeding Strategies
  • Sleeping Strategies
  • Questions to ask the pediatrician
  • How to determine the difference between reflux and lower intestinal milk allergies
  • Product recommendations for coping with reflux
  • Tag team survival strategies for mom & dad

This is an in-home class that includes a comprehensive evaluation of your unique situation, class materials and a written plan of action

$150 Grandparents and caregivers are welcome to attend

To schedule your class please call Carol Marley @ 210 825-4124