Developmental Play Programs for Babies


Developmental play program for babies

The material in this class comes from a class that I teach to nannies and parents. It is geared to be used with babies that are 6-12 months old. Class material covers a wide range of topics such as

  •  How to optimize baby’s learning experience
  • The difference between developmental and creative play and why both are important
  • How to create a language rich environment for baby and why this is vitally important
  • How to build a large network of neural connections in your baby’s brain
  •  Detailed activities that are geared to teach language, eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills and gross motor skills

Program includes many easy to make activities that your baby will enjoy doing over and over. This class will show you how to take a simple activity and add layers of difficulty as your baby’s skills progress. Excellent information for caregivers of young babies. Will help you understand how to create learning rich play that is fun for you and baby. Principles of this class are drawn from the book, Brain Rules for Baby, by John Medina. 

Class in PDF form: $40 Will be emailed when payment is received through Pay-Pal

In Home Class: $75   Includes class materials, resource list and hands on demonstration of class material

If you have questions or would like to book an in-home version of this class, please call Carol Marley @ 210 825-4124



I am a doctor with twin daughters. I first met Carol through a Mom’s of Multiples group that I belong to. She was able to help me sleep train my 7 month old twins. I was so impressed with her knowledge and expertise when she came to my home to work with the girls on sleep training. I have two nannies that help me with the girls. Carol was asking the nannies questions and showing them developmental ideas to do with the babies. We then had her come and teach a developmental play class to both our nannies and myself. Both of the nannies loved the class and felt like they learned a lot of new information. As I first time parent I definitely learned a lot! The babies loved the activities. They laughed and got excited at the new games.  Dr. Michelle T

Developmental Play Program for Babies